Teacher’s Lounge Makeover Tips

It’s a fact that if teachers are not in good state of mind, they are never going to give their best for the good of kids. Irrespective of what the teachers normally go through in their daily lives, their stay in schools should be the pleasant one, especially when they get a free time which they want to spend in the teacher lounge. With that said, changing the environment of teacher’s lounge can do the big trick here. What we are talking about is a little makeover that is surely going to brighten up the environment of the lounge.

The main lounge area

Brightening the space isn’t just concerned with painting the walls with white color. There are number of other elements that need to be worked upon. For instance, folding tables are essentially kept in the teachers’ lounges because those tables come handy when teachers immediately want to get rid of the documents which they hold during long sessions. Nevertheless, making that area a permanent place by creating a counter with marble surface on the top is a wonderful idea. The bulletin board above this counter would surely look great but you can also consider some other type of decoration. For example, attaching faux stone panels in that area is the ultimate and cost effective decorative method if you don’t want to use that area of wall as a bulletin board.

That counter may also serve as place where you would keep ovens, as illustrated in the image above. The teachers’ lounge is basically a space similar to an eatery. So, keeping the round dining tables with chairs is the utmost necessity. But you will have to make sure that the furniture is taking part in the lounge’s design. For instance, it’s fine if you are sticking to the wooden tabletops with the natural wooden color; however, the chairs can be of black color to make a good color contrast.

The kitchen

Without a kitchen, a teacher’s lounge can never be considered complete. The kitchen area may in a separate room or it can be a dedicated corner in the lounge. Things that you will need to work on in order to renovate the place are cabinetry, countertop, sink and backsplash. Since these things would already be situated at their right places, you may only need to work on the design aspects. However, you will definitely need to work on development of the features if they are not suitably situated or they are not in place at all. As a general rule of brightening the space, using white paint and white tiles is what you will need to take into consideration. Furthermore, a number of kitchen appliances that can help in preparing the foods quickly should also be present on the kitchen counter.


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