Taking Care of Your Roof in the Colder Months

Whether you live in a northern state that has perpetual cold, your home is in a high altitude place, or winter is coming, you know that your roof is a very integral part of your home and keeping it warm during colder months. So, you also know that taking care of it and making sure everything is in order is a priority when the cold hits.

More than anything, people seem to forget that a home requires maintenance and inspections to make sure everything is exactly as it should be. Often times, years go by without any check ups. Then, suddenly something goes wrong and the homeowner is bewildered as to why their roof has a leak in it during the worst possible time of year.

Well, who’s fault is that?

Go ahead and give our tips a quick look if you want to prepare your roof for inclement weather and make sure you’re warm during the cold!

Repair any leaks ASAP.
Following up on the leaks that you happen to find right away is quite important. Small leaks can lead to bigger potential problems if not taken care of. While it’s possible to repair some simple shingles and flashing by yourself, be sure to remember that you should contact a professional if conditions aren’t ideal or you’re inexperienced.

Clean out your gutters.
The dead of fall tends to produce more leaves and debris, which will find their way onto your roof and inside your gutters. Clogged gutters and downspouts are definitely not good news, so be sure to give all that rainwater a clear path down. In case you missed it, our newsletter last month gave a few pointers on cleaning your gutters.

Check for leaks and inspect your flashing and vents.
In case you’re not aware of how to determine if your roof has a leak, water spots on your ceiling and walls show that there’s likely a problem. Some of the most common reasons why leaks happen is because of missing shingles, loose vents, and poorly sealed flashing. Look at these areas first.

Schedule an inspection.
There’s only so much you can do to prepare your roof for the ensuing elements, so it may be easier to just give someone else who may be more experienced a call. Roofing companies have trained eyes that can often spot potential problems more easily, and these problems are most often fixed on the spot.


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